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Name:The Giant Purple Snorklewacker
Location:United States of America
The emcee of the Anxiety Closet, the Giant Purple Snorklewacker (Snorklii subconsciousii) dwells in the dimension between the closets. He has a host of nightmares, fiends, ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggetty beasties and celebrity guest stars at his command, and he will be only too happy to produce them as appropriate to whomever visits him.

They may not manifest quite as one might expect.

If you wish to tag the Snorklewacker, please be so good as to contact me and inform me of what your pup's anxieties might be - or, if you like, state it in the tag - so that he may present them with suitable Anxieties. (The difference between anxieties and Anxieties is that the latter are a) physical manifestations and b) usually much sillier. If you want one brought out that really cannot be made silly, some consultation will be necessary. Remember, this guy's from a mostly-PG comic strip.)

The Giant Purple Snorklewacker hails from the comic strip Bloom County and belongs to its creator, Berkeley Breathed. He is being used for roleplaying purposes in the [info]milliways_bar community. No profit is being made from this. Only the greatest respect is intended. Please keep the lawyers in the Anxiety Closet where they belong.

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anxieties, fears, nightmares

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